Christopher Chipps

“Thank you! I passed the 220-701 exam last week and am planning on using the 220-702 courses you have to study for that exam. Your courses are excellent and so cost-efficient!
Have a great week!”

Mary W.

What I love about e-Learning Center’s online training:

1. The information is easy to read. It is not long pages of information you have to weed through. You have it is easy readable chunks. I can get through a concept very easy and quickly, learning the necessary information.

2. The graphics are nice also. I am a visual person, so see the actual hardware when it is discussed, helps me remember information.

3. I especially love the short test after a concept is taught. Getting that feedback quickly lets me know how I am doing.

4. I love the navigation feature. I can navigate anywhere with in the information. I love this feature because if there is something I want to learn first, I can go right to it.

Mary W.
A+ Candidate
Spanish Fork, Utah

Sharon S.

“These online classes are a wonderful way for me to learn. They have been very helpful and I have been very pleased.”

Sharon S.
Kansas State University

Joyce Batty

“As an instructional designer for e-learning, I was extremely impressed with the course’s instructional design. I was encouraged to continue with the course (which often is not the case.) I felt (and knew through the assessments) that I was learning and gaining skills. You will be glad to know that I have had three other people want to know about your web site because they were impressed with my bragging on your courses.”

Joyce Batty Elgin – Texas
VP Professional Development
American Society Training & Development

Jean-Célestin Moyongo

“I must admit that your courses have helped me in many ways. I am the software manager and DBA for an IT company and, as part of my duties i have to train our employees. My busy schedule didn’t allow to properly prepare the topics I have to deliver; what a relief when i came across your courses! Everything was just there, waiting for me! The only thing I did was to accomodate them according to our needs. Great job guys!”

Jean-Célestin Moyongo
Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica

Kathleen Angus

“Thank you for your email to check up on my satisfaction with the free courses. I think they are great…so much so that I signed up for one of the pay subscriptions.

Last week, due to taking the Excel course, I managed to pass my MOS core Excel exam with a 97!!! I think your product is excellent and have recommended it to several people. I am also putting together a training suggestion for my company’s training coordinator.

Thanks so much for your great service.”

Kathleen Angus
Office Coordinator
Somera Communications
Stanhope, NJ

Paul Freund

“I am grateful for this opportunity to take some of the free courses. Indeed, they are very didactic and well designed. The content is rich in concepts. I would recommend them to anybody wishing to acquire knowledge in a quick but solid way, on these multimedia topics.”

Paul Freund
Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Cyndie L., MCP/MCT

“I have used the e-LearningCenter’s TCP/IP course and found it to be very well laid out and easy to understand. I am currently work with the SQL courses to finish my electives for MCSE. I will be talking the test the end of May and with the help of your CBT and books I feel confident I’ll pass.

The SQL courses are easy to follow and explain concepts quite well. I especially love the ability to do on-hands interaction with the CBT. This helps reinforce what you have read and learned.

I have really enjoyed the courses I have taken through e-LearningCenter so far. They are time consuming, but one must realize that gaining knowledge doesn’t take a few hours (like some of the other ones I have used).

In comparison, your courses are an exceptional value. I have taken several courses over the Net which cost in the range of $1000 to $1500. I have been very satisfied with what I have seen and used at e-LearningCenter.

It has helped me tremendously in understanding SQL syntax and many of the commands. Thanks for making CBT easy enough for beginners, yet complex enough to challenge us IT professionals…”

Cyndie L., MCP/MCT
Delaware, Ohio

Beverly Perkins

“I was searching and looking for online training that could keep my attention and one that I enjoy learning. I found it! Out of all the web sites (on-line training), e-LearningCenter is the most attractive and enjoyable one that I have seen.

I just completed the free Excel MOS and was amazed by how it works. I could not believe it was free! This will definitely catch one’s attention. I will be sending in a payment soon to order a full package including Word, PowerPoint, Access, etc.

It is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Beverly Perkins
Roswell, Georgia

Joe R. Webb

“On the 6th I signed up for your “Technical Web Development” courses. As of now I have completed & certified in two of the courses !!!!!!! :o) I think that you guys have a GREAT website with VERY good prices.

I am very happy that I stumbled across your site & once I master the courses that I am taking at this time, I will be taking others & hope to get my Microsoft Certifications through your website!! Thank You for a GREAT product!”

Joe R. Webb
Ore City,Texas