Nick S.

“The courses have given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge in several technical areas. Examples are the UNIX operating system and Oracle database. A specific goal of mine was reached, aided by completion of the appropriate on-line courses.

This month I took the Microsoft test and received my certification as a Microsoft Office User Specialist Expert for MS Access. You could say that makes me a MOS E. Humor aside, this certification validates my understanding of this application and adds to the arsenal of tools I can use in support of customers.”

Nick S.

Andrew R. Koluch

“It is great at work, or anytime you are busy, because I can leave it open all day, and look at it when I get time. It sure helps, and there is loads of good information. I use it as a refresher and focuser. For the money, the very best I’ve seen.”

Andrew R. Koluch, MCSE, CNA, MCP+ Internet
St. Peters, Missouri

Carole Anne

“e-LearningCenter’s online training is informative and challenging within itself, but the one-on-one support that the Sampsons offer their students is invaluable. Students – prospective as well as active – get prompt, down-to-earth responses to questions ranging from the lessons themselves to joining the workforce to starting a business in their selected vocation.

This is the perfect choice for anyone continuing education after the tassle is moved.”

Carole Anne, Web Designer
Cleveland, North Carolina

Iraitiel Suazo

“I really appreciate your help. In fact, I am very happy with my courses. I feel that I’m learning a lot of things that I don’t learn at college. As an MIS major, this is very important to me. However, now I am happier than before because I have found a serious company that provides a great service to customers.”

“Not only the courses are top class, but the fast response to solve the problem with my credit card showed me that you care about your customers. This is very rare in other companies. From now on, I will refer e-LearningCenter to all my friends.”

Iraitiel Suazo, Panama

Sarah R.

“e-LearningCenter’s classes present an exceptional way to educate oneself on any number of technical or practical computer and business topics. Each unit is thorough, easy to understand and is equivalant in content and quality to many of the accredited technical college courses being offered by well-known institutions over the internet.”

“I would highly recommend your courses to anyone who has the discipline to take an independent learning class. Each topic is broken into smaller units, and the units are sprinkled with questions. This format is simple to use and gratifying as it shows me I’m advancing and gaining knowledge rapidly.

With the one-year unlimited subscription, and with classes being added regularly, it is exciting to know that what I can learn is limited only to how often I want to be taught! Thanks Scott!”

Sarah R., Iowa

Jonathan Danish

“I have and will continue to enjoy the courses. They are comprehensive and fun at the same time. I really like the simulations.

The reviews, and skill assesments are a great way to find out your learning comprehension as well. Keep the great work and thanks for the LOW prices on course packs.”

Jonathan Danish
Houston, Texas

Brian Bochicchio

“… I’ll admit I was skeptical at first about the quality of courses. I have tried other on-line learning solutions and been quite disappointed — until I tried e-learningcenter’s trial course.

I have only been a student at e-LearningCenter for a few weeks. And, much to my delight, I have been able to begin creating a credible record of education and my employer has agreed to reimburse me for expanding my membership to include courses relative to my work. How cool is that!?

As a bonus, no books to drag in my luggage and I can acces my courses from any location I travel to. So, no classes or tests to miss!”

“…The XML course included in my pack has cleared the mud. It has also restored my confidence that XML is not beyond my reach … Plus, I have a multitude of other courses to choose from. How cool is that!?

Thanks again for the outstanding product!”

Brian Bochicchio
Quincy, Illinois

Dave Darnell

“I found the course I took on Beginners HTML fun and rewarding, I just got my own domain name and hosting package, and decided to put up a page…

Thanks for the free courses, I would recomend them to anyone, they are easy to follow, informative and helpful. Perhaps my new business will do well enough to enable me to move into more advanced studies.”

Dave Darnell

Alberta Stanfield

” Scott, I love the way that your program is set up – and it is very user or student friendly. It is easy to understand and if you have questions, all are answered in quick time and comprehendible.”

Alberta Stanfield

Sharon Smith

“I have enjoyed taking your online classes very much. The price for what you get is great, and the material is easily understood. I plan to take more classes in the future. This is the best online classes I have found on the internet. Thank you!”

Sharon Smith
Aligent Technologies