Introduction to Windows 10

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Windows 10 is the name for the latest Operating System from Microsoft, it will be offered as a free upgrade to all users that currently have Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed on their machine, meaning that it is set to be a universally adopted and widely used OS. Windows 10 is designed to give users one clean experience across smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers – so that all devices are recognisable and interact with each other efficiently. Windows 10 is being described by critics as the perfect balance between the popular OS Windows 7 and the fresh and modern Windows 8, with the best features of the last two Operating Systems merged into an OS that should appeal to a variety of users. With the offer of a free upgrade and the suite of new features and functionalities industry insiders are expecting Windows 10 to become as popular as Windows 7 and become the standard Operating System used both at home and in the office, so it will soon be a requirement to be comfortable with the latest OS – our fundamental Windows 10 course will ensure that you are one of the first employees in the office that can utilise Windows 10 efficiently.


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