FAQs & Information

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

All of our courses are:

  • Internet-based, HTML designed. Loads as easily with a 56K modem as it does with cable.
  • Self-paced and Interactive with unlimited single user access. Leads to greater retention of covered material.
  • Master index listing — to search within all courses while in one course. Easily move from once section of one course to a specific section within another course.
  • Online course glossaries. No dictionaries needed with e-LearningCenter’s online training.
  • Automatically bookmarks your place to start where you left off. Easily return to where you were when you exited the course.
  • Instructional steps — easy to follow walk through a procedure.
  • Simulations, exercises, and practice files — try it out. Greatly enhances retention, increases students level of involvement, and keeps the material fresh and exciting.
  • Notes — See additional information related to the topic in the text. These courses are thorough and have depth!
  • Tips — See a different, faster, or easier way of doing something.
  • Quick References — See a quick reference guide to the features introduced in a chapter.
  • Details — Display more detailed information related to the current topic.
  • Hotwords — See related information with the click of a MOSe.
  • Navigation Bar — Maneuver easily through the courses, or even, from course to course.
  • Microsoft Approved Courseware Logo — to prepare you for a Microsoft certifications.
  • Course Topics and Index — with searching feature and hyper-links to get you where you need to go quickly and easily.
  • Printable Exercises — PDF downloadable files for extra practice.
  • Sample Application Files — PDF downloadable files.
  • Pre and Post Skill Assessment Test for each course — can be used before, mid-way, or after taking the course. First try, best try and course grade are tracked. If passed, green check mark will appear as ‘mastered’. Also, on the scores page, there are direct links for the units, so if a student does not master a particular unit, they can click on that unit and go directly there to retake that unit. The pre and post assessments provide great trackability and measurability.
  • Certificate of Completion — If the student completes a course with 70% or better, then the certificate of completion button appears on the scores page, so the student can print a professional certificate of completion.

By purchasing one of these online training subscriptions, an individual has unlimited access to all courses in that pack for one full year. So you can take those courses over and over if desired. Also, with the search, index and glossary features within each course, a subscription makes for a very handy reference tool.

The only thing that is downloaded and stored on a hard drive is the Flash Web Player plugin.

The value that these Packs deliver is unmatched anywhere. It’s great for business, big and small, and even better for the individual user wanting to upgrade their skills and marketability. These Packs are tremendous with built in flexibility. Take each course as often as you need to, only when you want to. Take a look around e-LearningCenter and read about the benefits of e-Learning through online training subscriptions.