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Online web-based professional development video training courses in personal and professional business skills: career development, self-management, communication, balancing life and work, and a lot more.

Our Personal Development course group addresses the issues faced by anyone trying to balance work and personal life.

online web design courses Doing Business Professionally - $229
Working for Your Inner Boss: Personal Accountability
Managing from Within: Self-empowerment
Goals and Setting Goals
Creating a Positive Attitude
Pursuing Successful Lifelong Learning
Doing Business Professionally Simulation

online web design courses Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance
- $249
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Analyzing Your Life Balance
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Maintaining Your Life Balance
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Taking Control of Your Stress
Balancing Your Responsibilities Simulation
Employee Exhaustion: Managing a Well-Balanced Workload
Managing Workplace Stress
Work/Life Balance

online web design courses Diversity on the Job - $249
Diversity on the Job: The Importance of Diversity and the Changing Workplace
Diversity on the Job: Diversity and You
Diversity on the Job
Understanding Workplace Diversity
Instituting a Dress Code
Diversity Benefits

online web design courses Telecommuting and the Remote Employee
- $149
Telecommuting Basics: Maximizing Productivity as a Remote Employee
Telecommuting Basics: Communication Strategies for the Remote Employee

online web design courses Generating Creative & Innovative Ideas - $229
Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Enhancing Your Creativity
Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Maximizing Team Creativity
Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Verifying and Building on Ideas
Executing Innovation
Getting Ready to Present
Creativity: Developing and Communicating Ideas

online web design courses Managing Your Career
- $349
Managing Your Career: Creating a Plan
Managing Your Career: Getting on the Right Track
Managing Your Career: Professional Networking Essentials
Managing Your Career: You and Your Boss
Managing Your Career: Leveraging the Performance Appraisal
Conquering Career Stagnation
Career Development
Building and Managing Upward Relationships
Planning Your Career
Exploring Self-development
Managing Your Relationship with Your Boss Simulation

online web design courses Effective Time Management - $349
Time Management: Analyzing Your Use of Time
Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time
Time Management: Avoiding Time Stealers
Coping with Information Overload
Prioritizing Personal and Professional Responsibilities
Planning for Interruptions Helps With Procrastination
Setting and Managing Priorities
Coping with Conflicting Priorities
Setting Goals
Getting Time Under Control

online web design courses Problem Solving and Decision-Making Strategies - $349
Problem Solving: The Fundamentals
Problem Solving: Determining and Building Your Strengths
Problem Solving: Digging Deeper
Decision Making: The Fundamentals
Decision Making: Tools and Techniques
Decision Making: Making Tough Decisions
Uncovering the Root Problem
Playing the Devil's Advocate in Decision Making
Turning Problems Around with Reverse Brainstorming
Solving Problems: Process, Tools, and Techniques

online web design courses Dealing with Organizational Change - $229
Understanding Organizational Change
Preparing for Organizational Change
Embracing Organizational Change
Managing the Stress of Organizational Change
The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace
Developing Organizational Agility

online web design courses Critical Thinking Essentials - $119
Critical Thinking Essentials: What Is Critical Thinking?
Critical Thinking Essentials: Applying Critical Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking

online web design courses Building and Maintaining Trust - $149
Building Trust
Rebuilding Trust
Rebuilding Trust
The Fruits of Integrity: Building Trust at Work

online web design courses Personal Productivity Improvement - $119
Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Your Workspace
Personal Productivity: Self-organization and Overcoming Procrastination
Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Tasks and Maximizing Productivity

online web design courses Peer Relationships - $229
The Value of Peer Relationships
Developing Strategic Peer Relationships in Your Organization
Forming Peer Relationships and Alliances at Work
Peer Political Styles
Building Better Relationships through Understanding
Building Peer Relationships

online web design courses Business Ethics - $299
Introduction to Workplace Ethics
Developing a Code of Ethical Conduct
Ethical Decision-making in the Workplace
Do You Share Your Organization’s Values?
Office Politics – What Will You Do?
Ethical self- Promotion
Ethics, Integrity and Trust
The Ethics Enigma

online web design courses Living and Working Abroad in the United States
- $149
American Work Culture and Values
Key Aspects of the American Work Environment
Communicating Successfully in the American Workplace
Succeeding in the American Workplace

online web design courses Interviewing Strategies for the Interviewee - $149
Preparing for an Internal Interview
Making a Positive Impression in an Internal Interview

online web design courses Campus to Corporate - $149
Campus to Corporate: Meeting New Expectations
Campus to Corporate: Developing a Professional Image

online web design courses Public Speaking Strategies - $149
Public Speaking Strategies: Preparing Effective Speeches
Public Speaking Strategies: Confident Public Speaking

online web design courses Performance under Pressure - $119
Developing the Right Attitude for Performing under Pressure
Taking Action for Performing under Pressure
Performing with Others under Pressure

online web design courses Business Etiquette and Professionalism - $349
Developing Your Reputation of Professionalism with Business Etiquette
Professionalism, Business Etiquette, and Personal Accountability
Communicating with Professionalism and Etiquette
Using Business Etiquette to Build Professional Relationships
Business Etiquette in Introductions
Disciplines of Organizational Learning: Personal Mastery
Safe Small Talk
Reframing Negative Situations
Managing Goals
Broadening Your Learning Horizons
Targeting Personal Learning

online web design courses Perseverance and Resilience - $179
Developing Character for Perseverance and Resilience
Achieving Goals through Perseverance and Resilience
Bouncing Back with Perseverance and Resilience
Perseverance: Flexibility in Action
Persevering through Setbacks

online web design courses Decisiveness - $149
Developing Character for Decisiveness
Overcoming the Barriers to Decisiveness

online web design courses Writing Under Pressure - $149
Writing under Pressure: Preparing for Success
Writing under Pressure: The Writing Process

You receive unlimited access to any the series listed above for 12 full months. Our competitors may have similar training, but you won't find training of this quality anywhere else at this price!

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