Darryl Humphrey

“Even the free courses contained within are a Goldmine of CBT. Thank you very much for your generosity. Just the free courses available are every bit worth my time!

Also, it is my personal and professional opinion that even the Pay Per View Courses are well within the financial range of the Blue Collar Tech, and of such quality to be every bit worth the asking price.

What a well layed out design! I do alot of “Data Mining” to find “Freebie Educational Jewels”, because I cannot afford to purchase “Industry Training”, much less airfare and Per Diem costs associated with.

When I “Stumbled across your link, I was hesistant to invest the time to “Mine” this particular site. Glad I did! I discovered a low cost alternative to similiar training @ e-learningcenter.com that does not require Travel and or Per Diem expenses and competes with Industry Training Seminar costs.

Whats the difference? I save time, money, and I never have to leave my office or living room.

With a mission statement similiar to my own, “Quality First, Quantity Second”, I look forward to new additions to your catalogue, especially in the Telcom and I.T. sectors.

Thanx a bunch folks and keep up the good work. Excellent C.B.T.”

Darryl Humphrey – Washington
Certified Wa. State Electrical Administrator