Why e-Learning?

e-Learning is solution oriented. Our e-learning courses are design to address your immediate needs directly. Whether you need to refresh your skills, update your skills, or learn a completely new set of skills, we can help. Whatever your profession or area of expertise, e-LearningCenter can give you ideas, tips, and solutions on how to use e-Learning to sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge.

Our e-learning courses provide the absolute most “bang for the buck” of any training resource available today. Not only that, but our students get personal, professional assistance from signing up for your first subscription to completing your training. Let’s look at how you can benefit from online e-learning through e-LearningCenter.

e-Learning for the New Employee

The Problem You got a great new job. But you’ve found it requires you to be an expert in something you don’t really have that much experience with, such as Microsoft Office 2000, Novell’s Lotus Notes, motivating a workforce, or even dealing with customer service problems.

The Solution Whatever the skill, e-LearningCenter’s online training courses can help you gain the knowledge you need to build your new career. Need help learning more about a new program or operating system? You can find it in our End-User Courses section. Want to know how to increase customer satisfaction to keep them coming back? Find out how in our Development Courses section.

e-Learning for the Training Manager

The Problem Business is booming and your company seems to be hiring someone new every day. The only problem is that you have no idea how you are going to train all these new people with your limited training budget.

The Solution e-Learning is the answer. Using e-LearningCenter’s end-user training courses, you can find the e-Learning resources you need to get your people trained and still stay under budget. There are no travel expenses or long meetings, and new employees can train at their desks when they have the time. In fact, if they have a computer with Internet access at home, they can even start their training before their first day.

e-Learning for the Manager

The Problem Even though you have years of management experience, there are still some areas – such as motivating new employees or time management – that you’ve never been completely comfortable with.

The Solution Look in our Professional Development Courses section. In it, you’ll find e-Learning solutions for negotiating, motivation, time management, customer service, and a whole host of additional business and professional skills.

e-Learning for the IT Professional

The Problem You’re looking for a career change and you want to become a system administrator. Or maybe you’re already a system administrator and you just want to update your skills.

The Solution e-LearningCenter’s Technical Courses section has everything you need to help you get the technical expertise you want, whether it be to learn C Programming, Microsoft Windows 2012, or Visual InterDev. In our Technical Courses section, you’ll find e-LearningCenter’s online training packs have a solution to perfectly fit your needMCSE Certification, A+ Certification, CCNA and CNE courses, and a couple of hundred more technical courses!

* Convenient – As more and more people struggle to balance the demands of work and home, e-Learning allows people to learn from work, home and on the road.

* Relevant – Since courses and content deal with the most current topics, e-Learning ensures training is applicable to a person’s career and business objectives.

* Immediate – Because training can be delivered via the Internet, e-Learning allows people to begin their training now, with just a few mouse clicks.

* Affordable – The bottom line is cost savings. Corporations save between 50-70% due to elimination of travel expenses according to Training Magazine.

Online training also eliminates lost opportunity expenses. The time spent away from the job traveling or sitting in a classroom cuts down on an employee’s productivity.

* Fun – By providing only the highest-quality interactive content, e-Learning not only effectively keeps people up-to-date, but interested as well.

Take a look at these e-learning benefit details, and I think you’ll agree that e-learning is the new way of learning in the 21st century.

Valuable courses that will raise your earning power – Learn from leading companies and experts right at home or at work; you don’t need to travel anywhere to get online learning. And students can often get their employer to pay for computer training.

Proven and Certified – CEU’s – earn Continuing Education Units from accredited universities for successfully completing online learning. CEUs are currently awarded by Otterbein College in Ohio. If the student completes a course with 70% or better, then the certificate of completion button appears on the scores page, so the student can print a professional certificate of completion. Microsoft approved courseware – e-learning prepares you for Microsoft certifications.

Easy to Use – you only need an internet browser; HTML based and designed to load quick and get you learning fast; tested and proven online training designs with step by step, easy walk through’s. Features include: Bookmarks where you are so you can easily return; Master index to search within all courses while in one course – easily move from one section of a course to a specific section within another course.

Useful, effective help – Lots of help in the online courses, or in person from our staff.

Great return on your investment – affordable online training – up to 93% cheaper than instructor led courses, e-learning is cost effective and easy on your pocketbook. Where else can you get access to a large library of online courses for 19 cents a day?

Interactive – simulations have learners do what they are learning which leads to greater retention of covered material; accommodates different learning styles through audio, visual graphics, testing and printable exercises with PDF downloadable files for extra practice.

Self Directed and Convenient– learn at your own pace, quickly or take your time. Focus on what you need – skip what you know or don’t need. Or, repeat sections. You’re always in control of learning where, when and how you want with unlimited access 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Complete lessons – learn subjects in depth – Course glossaries included, no dictionaries needed; Built in notes, tips, quick references, detail links, and simulations; with exercises and practice files that increase your retention, up your level of involvement and keep the material fresh.

Pre and post skill assessments measure your progress – can be used before, mid-way, or after taking the course. First try, best try and online course grade are tracked. If passed, green check mark will appear as ‘mastered’. Scores page – there are direct links for the units, so if a student does not master a particular unit, they can go directly to retake that unit.

E-Learning through e-Learning Center’s Online Training is easy, fun, and affordable!

We strive to make distance education relevant and interactive, so that people are successful and want to continue learning. Distance learning is designed to keep individuals and employees interested in a training and educational program by making online learning convenient, relevant, immediate, and fun.

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e-Learning is here and ready to use today. With online training, you can immediately start to improve your job skills, or the job skills of your team, department, or your entire company. Computer training allows you to start creating a better skilled, better performing workforce today.

If you still aren’t sure that distance learning is right for you, take a look at what some of our clients have to say:

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